Meridian Tapping

One of my most ardent goals is to encourage the practice of meridian tapping.  It is the most incredibly effective means of communicating with and literally re-programing the emotional and physical body.  There is no issue which cannot be modified by tapping certain meridians on the body while voicing an affirmation of what is desired. The script is a little more detailed than that, but is super simple and immediately effective, and best of all it is something one can accomplish anywhere, anytime and by oneself.  For complicated emotional trauma, it is more effective to work with a health professional trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

See the following site:   

On one can purchase an excellent DVD and accompanying book on The Tapping Solution.

This YouTube video and others about EFT will be very informative. You can also search on YouTube both EFT and  The Tapping Solution.

Also please search “EFT” on Dr. Mercola’s Health Newsletter site:

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